Revocable Living Trust in San Luis Obispo

Fees for a Revocable Living Trust in San Luis Obispo

A Revocable Living Trust in San Luis Obispo should be part of a comprehensive estate planning solution that includes 

  • the revocable living trust, 
  • a will (two for couples)
  • financial power of attorney (two for couples)
  • and a living will (health care directive).(two for couples)

We charge an all-inclusive flat fee for all the connected work, meetings, drafting, research, revising, and signing. Our fees are usual and customary for a revocable living trust in San Luis Obispo and associated documents. We will quote you our fee during our initial consultation. Should you do any comparison shopping, be sure to understand what is included and what is not. 

Practice Philosophy: Focus on Estate Planning

In fact, our goal is to keep your family out of probate court. See What’s The Difference Between A Probate Lawyer, A Trust Attorney, And An Estate Planner?
Our practice is limited to estate planning, and we can, therefore, offer our clients a whole range of bespoke solutions for many different scenarios that go beyond the usual revocable living trust. In San Luis Obispo residents are fortunate and can select from a variety of service providers, some of them non-attorneys, who offer only fill-in-the-blank forms but no planning or legal advice. Klaus Gottlieb, Esq., working at Wealth Care Lawyer in San Luis Obispo, prioritizes understanding the wishes of his clients and will discuss feasible alternatives at length.  Any document is only as good as the design and planning that went into it. For this reason, we also work closely with your other advisors, such as accountants and financial planners. 

If we are retained for advanced planning, we will evaluate the complexity of the project and quote you a fee that is commensurate with the work to be performed.

What is a Revocable Living Trust and Why do I Need One?

A revocable living trust is a written instrument that allows you to manage your assets during your lifetime and distribute them after your death without going through probate. It can be changed or revoked at any time while you are alive, providing flexibility and control over your estate. It also includes instructions for asset management if you become incapacitated.

A revocable living trust is especially important in San Luis Obispo County. Homeownership rates in San Luis Obispo County and median home prices are higher than for the state as a whole. Home values alone prevent the majority of estates from qualifying for a simplified abbreviated probate procedure. Instead, full probate, which is lengthy and costly, is required. This can be avoided if you plan ahead.  Often a revocable living trust is part of the solution.  An underappreciated benefit of a revocable living trust is the instructions for the management of the grantor’s assets if they become incapacitated, avoiding the need for a court-appointed guardian or conservator.

Our Process: Listen - Think - Write - Discuss - Revise - Execute

You can schedule a free initial consultation with us  by email, phone, or directly booking an appointment online from this website. In-person visits are available in San Luis Obispo and Cayucos.

Initial Consultation:If we all agree to proceed, you will receive an engagement agreement by email outlining the total fee for services, which you can sign electronically. Fees are all-inclusive with no hourly billing. For general fee estimates, see CA Estate Planning Attorney Costs.

Design Meeting: We will discuss your estate planning needs. Before this meeting, you’ll complete questionnaires and forms. The meeting lasts 1–2 hours and is usually done in person. Meetings can be held in your home or at offices in Cayucos or San Luis Obispo. Service areas include Kern, San Luis Obispo, Monterey, and Santa Barbara Counties. We will review options and quote flat fees.

Drafting Meeting: We may contact your financial and tax advisors (with your permission) and draft your estate plan documents, which you’ll receive in advance. The meeting can be in person or via video conference to review and revise the documents.

Signing Meeting: Once everything is settled and the documents have progressed from draft to final, we will schedule a signing meeting. This may require witnesses and a notary public, which is easiest to arrange in our San Luis Obispo office but can be done at various locations, including your home.

Comprehensive Planning

Typical Service Offerings

The following list are typical drafting scenarios, individual plans may be a combination of two or more elements of the typical solutions creating highly individualized Wealth Care Plans.

Supplemental needs trust


Basic Estate Plan – Married Couple

Wills, Durable Powers of Attorney, Living Wills, Health Care Proxies, and HIPAA Releases (Trust not included).

Individual unmarried revocable living trust

Single Revocable Trust, Pourover Will, Durable Power of Attorney, Living Will, Health Care Proxy, HIPAA Release.

Individual married revocable living trust

Family Plan – Two Revocable Trusts (with marital and bypass shares), Pourover Wills, Durable Powers of Attorney, Living Wills, Health Care Proxies, HIPAA Releases.

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