Video: Estate Planning – The Procrastination Game

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I recently had the pleasure of giving a talk to the Cayucos Rotary Club. They call themselves “The Little Club that can”. Indeed, there was so much energy that came clearly across, and the audience was very attentive. I had to field questions from CPAs and financial planners. I felt very welcome and was introduced by Andy Lilly from Highway One Rentals who had gone through the extra pains of researching my background for the introduction beyond what I had supplied him with. A big thanks to Andy and the Club!

I wanted to make my talk available to a larger audience. Please find it here on YouTube. Don’t forget to give it a thumbs up if you like it.

Description: This is a 20 minute introduction into the fundamentals of Estate Planning for ordinary people. The illustrated talk addresses how dying ‘intestate’ can catch you by surprise, what wills can do, and what they can’t, what trusts are in general, why revocable living trusts are a good idea, and how estate planning attorneys create value beyond mass-produced documents that you can download from the internet. While the talk is optimized for Californians, most of it is relevant elsewhere in the United States. – Nothing in the video should be construed as legal advice. Consult an attorney.

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